It's all about Business Intelligence.

Manipulating different data points to get an idea of who your customers are, so you can target the right people for your product.

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Harness the power of your data. Unleash the potential of your Business. Choose Hash analytics to help integrate into the world of business intelligence.


Highly interactive dashboards, that measure business active both in real-time and offline. These tools accept data from different source and help make analysis easy. Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports with colleagues while keeping data secure. Explore how Data-centric and continuous user-driven innovation help you turn data into insights across your organization.


We offer trainings on cutting edge tools used in the industry by our professionals to people that are interested to intern with us remotely as insight analyst. Tools ranging from Tableau, Power BI, SAS, python for data analysis and visualization and more. which when completed, certificate will be issued and they have the opportunity to work with us permanently and kick off their career. As part of our program, we sponsor our trainees to conferences that will inspire and expose them to the world of analysis.


Because company resources are limited, it is cost effective for businesses to target the right customers. Budget for ads won't accommodate mass targeting so they have to be used efficiently. In marketing understanding your customers, products and location is key. A mismatch of these three factor, and everything could go wrong. why not tell us what you are current doing and we can help you with better strategy to thrive in this competitive world. Do you think your business has the potential to make more than it has done in the past? if the answer is yes, you would want to call us.

Social media

For you to expand and get more traffic, you need to connect with your customers on social media. whether its through a tweet,hashtag or a post. there are so many impressions gained and analytical solutions to be performed on them such as sentiment analysis. we have a team waiting to help you scale socially.


The online retail space has been accepted by the world at large. With so many customers making transactions online, so much data is been produced even by drop-shipper, startups, ecommerce companies. we can help you maximize the use of these data. you would want to know what your customer are like.


As a business, growth is constant and there are always going to be opportunities or in your case problems that need solution. contact us now , to talk with some of our top professionals in the field to help you.

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The End Result for Analytics are Actions, not Insights

We would love to tell you that our platform helps you “tell a story from your data”. But let’s face it, if you really want to listen to a story, you would go watch a movie or read a book, instead of staring at the home pages of your Google Analytics, not knowing what to do next to improve your digital presence. As a busy analyst or business owner, you want ACTIONs from your data. You want to know what area of your business you should focus on, whether that’s acquiring customers, engaging with them, or making them buy. and Hash Analytic can help you with that. Our Dataslinger tool not only helps you establish a metric map of your customer journey so you know what metrics to track to get the information you need about your customers, we also provide a suite of tools for your to set goals around those metrics, and track actions you take to move towards those goals.

What clients say

Working with Hash Analytic, we were able to understand how customers look like by knowing their persona, see where we were significantly behind in our market analysis, focus on our business growth, and create a solution.
Suzanne Campbell
founder Vennu

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