About Us

Welcome to Hash Analytic

Where business growth is facilitated by innovative use of Business Intelligence solutions to boost performance.

Who Are We

We are a Data-centric organization that leverage on the use of Technology to help businesses all over the world scale.

Our Mission

We want to help improve decision making for businesses based on insight gotten from data.

What We Do

Interactive dash board creations, Business Analytics,  you can outsource insight/data analysis sector to us, consulting and more.

Our history

Founded in 2015, Hash Analytic is a UK Inspired- provider of IT consulting services and Business Intelligence solutions, with 50+ IT professionals located internationally.

For over 4 years we’ve been integrating data analytics, business intelligence, custom and platform-based solutions to startup and midsized companies in Healthcare, Banking, Transportation, Retail, and other industries. 

Our 6-D process



These is where we understand your business process, what you have done so far. how we can use technology to improve performance.



Now that we have know more about you, we perform business analysis, so as to understand key Data point, KPI etc.



In these module we work with you to devise a set of plan on how we can help you reach you goal.



Our professionals get to work, using data analytics and data science tools, business intelligence and other technologies to implement designs.



We integrate these models and concept that have been developed and make sure the deliverables meet your requirements.



we continue further performance testing and 24/7 support, to make sure the deliver solution is of modern standard and look for ways we can improve.

Why choose us?

our product is of the highest quality, in form  of high performance dashboards,

Our team is available 24/7 to help you in solving problems that may arise, which affect business decisions.

With us, its always about result, we want to see how much of an impact technology will affect sales, ROI, performance, human resources, customer, market ,etc.

Our team embraces the values of Hash analytic, consist of highly skilled professional, with more than 10+ years experience is these sector. we ensure that diversification among employee, our data driven culture, keen interest in helping businesses scale with the use of business intelligence solution is always accomplished.

We have the best people working with us, who are experienced in implementing data science and data analytics solution at enterprise level.

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Would you like to start a project with us?

Starting a new project comes with a lot of details, which can be very intimidating at first. With the ideation phase, planning, management, collaboration, finance involved, a lot can go wrong, especially for a startup. Lets help you ease through these process. You know what to do.