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Thank you guys for all the Question on Signal. If you haven’t reach out yet on the signal App, Go to your mobile google play store and download the signal app, register and add the contact +1-908-845-4935. Send a message stating your Full-Name, Country, copy of Resume/CV and a Passport Photo.   Information regarding the internship will be forward to you there.

We also added another more recent Python course. Click on it to access. I recommend you use either  of the courses on python. Which every you can understand, they are both great.

Problem Access the study kit: You can use any of the options to download the study kit. All options have the same content so no worries on  that. I recommend trying downloading the files individually instead of as a whole. Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection, else it could breakdown and restart download. Make sure you download the files to your system or device as access to the file will be restricted soon.

Extension Request: If there is a case where you can not submit the assignment before the deadline, make sure you request for an extension. All extension is approved automatically, so do not worry if you do not get a reply back. Submitting an assignment after deadline without an extension request might not be recorded.

Submitting Assignment:  Always follow the submission request given at the end of each assignment. Always write you name at the subject of any mail sent. For example, submitting your assignment 1, the subject of the mail should be written as follows. John Doe<Assignment#1>. Do not submit assignment multiple times, as only the first one will be accepted.

Study Kit Access.

Your Internship Study kit is ready. You can download using these links.

Option 1:

Using option 1 might take a lot of time, so make sure you have stable internet.

Option 2

click the link below to get the files as there are group by courses.

New Python Course Added:

More courses will be added as soon as we get approval from the course creators.

For faster download, choose any option, most preferably Option 2, click on any of the link, open the course and download its content section by section. However You can use any of the option above.

Internship Study Schedule and Deadlines.

Your Activity throughout the INTERNSHIP are listed below for your convenience. Refer to the intern study kit folders which is recommended in the assignment.
Interns are Advised to download their study kit before 20th to help facilitate smooth learning and time management.

The Schedule for Global Internship:

Note#1: Assignment Statement will be Uploaded according to the date in the Internship schedule/calendar.
Note#2: Promotional Assignment is mandatory for all interns and is not a requirement for certification, but It necessary as it help Us ensure compliance with the United Nations SDG Certification standards. Make sure to follow the promotional assignment instructions to the letter as you will be asked to send proofs.
Note#3: It is necessary to adhere to the complete deadlines as mentioned. If the submission deadlines are missed, you will be disqualified from the Internship.
Note#4: Give yourself enough time to learn. Assignments and Project are completely concept oriented. 
20-August to 24-August

Study Tableau for Beginners: Get CA Certified, Grow Your Career from your study kit.


Promotional Assignment is provided.
(Completion Mandatory for -United Nations SDG Compliance)

Read and follow the details of the Assignment.


Assignment#1  is provided.

26 – August
local time)
Submission Deadline
27-August to  29-August

Virtual Internship #1

Do a Virtual Internship with JP Morgan & Chase. More detail is on the Internship Lookup Tab. Internship Should be completed on or before 29th August

30-August to September 2
Study Customer Analytics in Python 2021 and Tableau for Beginners: Get CA Certified, Grow Your Career from your study kit.
3 -September

Assignment#2 is provided

5-September (11:59pm local time)
Submission Deadline
6-September to 9-September

Virtual Internship #2

Do a Virtual Internship with PWC Assurance Academy. More detail is on the Internship Lookup Tab. Internship Should be completed on or before 9th-September

10-September to 14-September
(11:59 pm local time)

Study All Section, we also added another more recent Python course. You can study any of them or both, which ever course tutor you understand.


Assignment#3 is provided

(11:59 pm local time)
Submission Deadline

18-September to 21-September

Virtual Internship #3

Do a Virtual Internship with BCG Open-Access Strategy Consulting. More detail is on the Internship Lookup Tab. Internship Should be completed on or before 21st-September


Project #1 is provided.

25-September (11:59 pm)

Submission Deadline

26September (11:59 pm)

Promotional Assignment Proof submission Deadline

(11:59 pm)

All Virtual Internship Badge (Including JP Morgan, PWC, BCG) submission Deadline.

Internship Completed, Await More Details

NOTE: Deadline should not be missed.
Certification and Recommendation will be given to all stage 1 Interns 30 Days after 6-October.
Precautions for Assignments:
1. Kindly start your assignment and follow the schedules.
2. You must deliver your assignments and Projects in the proper format requested at the end of every scheduled timeline day.
3. Not delivering the assignments can lead to disqualification. Extension in deadline can be availed by sending a mail to
4. Efficient Time Management during the study is necessarily important for successful completion of the internship. No Excuses will be encouraged in Timeline Schedules.
5. Important: Plagiarism in the assignments (Copy-Pasting the articles available on the web wholly/Partly)will lead to Disqualification and termination at the end of Internship.

Upcoming Activity: Check the Schedule Provided.

Mentor: Avaliable

Contact Mentor Via Signal App +1-908-845-4935. All question about assignment, project or any other Information should be sent on signal. Emailing us about this is Not Allowed.

Note: Make sure Assignment and Project are submitted with the same email used in registration.

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Accessing the study kit You can use any of the link given in the access mail. we recommend that you download the content of the course individually to avoid download breakdown. if there is a case of the link not working due to traffic congestion, use other links, or wait for 24hr.

Due to the size of the file, you are advised to download directly to your physical storage with an UN-interrupted network services(WIFI) to avoid breakdown or download failure.

Python is a language that is used for Data Analysis and Science and new version are upload every year, so the study kit contain courses that are created with versions that might be updated, so you have to download the new version. There might be some slight difference in use version, Click Here  or Click Here to know more.

Note: Interns are Advice to use Jupyter Notebook, because it has all of the libraries installed already, you can also us Pycharm, but you might experience difficulties in installing the libraries such as Numpy , Pandas, etc.

Download Jupyter Notebook Now, To know more about Jupyter Notebook Click here

Note: Only Top Performing Interns will be given access (Password) to the Phase 2 Dashboard.