Task 6

Next Steps

Getting alignment.

Here is the background information on your task

Having come to our initial recommendations on the handset leasing model, we now need to work with various departments within the client to share our findings and get their buy-in to implement the new plans.

We are preparing for a major meeting with all the functional heads to present our recommendations. We have heard from the client team that, based on what they heard, we should prepare to address some concerns/objections from their colleagues. However, they didn’t provide more details on who might have objections, or what those objections might be.

Here is your task

We will now need to develop our plan for the discussions with the relevant departments. Your project leader, Assaf, has shared with you the client organisation chart, and has asked you to:

  1. Identify two departments you think may have the greatest concerns/objections
  2. What their specific issues might be
  3. How we can address/mitigate those concerns

Prepare an email summarizing your thoughts for your project leader, Assaf.

Use a word document to perform this task and save as task 6. Put the word document the BCG folder.

Resources to help you with the task