Task 2

Data analysis - Foundations

Learn more about some financial terms before conducting analyses.

Here is the background information on your task

BCG experts from other case teams think that the handset leasing business model has potential and should be explored further. The Principal, Elisse, wants you to assess the potential impact of the handset leasing business on the client’s financials by looking at the impact it has had in other markets.

Before doing some data analysis, Elisse has asked the Consultant Romi to provide you with some background knowledge on financial terms you may need going forward.

Here is your task

Please have a look at the drag-and-drop exercise below. You need to drag the terms on the left-hand side next to their correct definition on the right.

Start the activity by clicking ‘Click here to start the task’ in section 5 below and please note there Is only one match per term.

Resources to help you with the task