Hash Analytic Global Internship

Internship for student with keen Interest in Business Analytics and Data Analytics.

Business Analytics/Data Analytics Internship (From Industry Professionals)

Learn to analyze data and get actionable insights from appropriate computations using python,Tableau while working with our partner KPMG, JP Morgan & Chase, PWC, and BCG

Apply For Internship
    • Student must Have a keen interest in learning Data Analytics and Business Analytics and hope to practice as a profession.
    • We have organized some of the best courses in data analytic from Udemy, which will be given to all Intern as a Study kit that will help them acquire the basic skills required to be a professional in this competitive field.
    • Hash Analytic is Registered company and the Global Internship Program is recognition under United Nations Sustainable Development and Growth (SDG) and is a highly recognized International Certification Program. –
    • This is a remote internship. This means you will do your assigned work, long-distance, as per your own convenience. You will interact with your Internship coordinator by means of email, phone.
    • This Internship is a 1 months program with an options of additional 2 months.
    • Phase 1 – 1st month:  open group for all participants and they will be grades as work progresses. During this period Interns with high performance will be invited to a second phase which is optional.
    • In the first phase you will be working with 3 of our partners and offering solution, and based on your performance, you will be shortlisted by any of them for a further 2 months paid Internship.
    • Phase 2 – 1-2 months: private group where interns are engaged in more complex project and will be paid for the completed projects (optional).

Incentives package:

    • Top performing Interns selected based on performance will be offered permanent roles with Hash Analytic or any of our partner and will be sponsored to attend the Tableau Conference..
    • All Interns will receive a  Internship Certificate for their work at Hash Analytic.
    • All Interns will receive a Recommendation Letter from Hash Analytic for their future career prospects and will be recommended to recruiter/our partners in the data analytics sector.
    • All Interns will receive LinkedIn Recommendation and Endorsement from Hash Analytic

Application For November Internship 2021:

Agreement Information:

Check your Promotions, Spam and Inbox folder frequently for our reply and contact Amanda Svensson on WhatsApp @ +19088454935 for more details.

Interns Review
Hash analytic Global Internship has been a great experience so far. During the Internship, I have been able to learn about data analysis, and use various tools and software like tableau, python libraries e.g pandas, seaborn, numpy etc to solve problems. I also had to take the google analytics program which exposed me to how more analysis can be done seamlessly on the web. All these were made possible due to the mentors provided, and the study kits. Overall, it is a great place to begin a data analysis career.
Data Analyst Intern
Hash Analytic Global Internship has been so enlightening, and the lectures taken during the phase one of the internship I would say are topnotch. Firstly, I learnt how to use numpy, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib library very well. I also learnt how to use Tableau, and I most say I find Tableau very interesting and the course lecturer have a way of making Tableau interesting and easy to use. Secondly, the assignments and project was a way of exposing me to real life problems. The deadlines kept me on my toes and I must say the assignments and project was engaging. Furthermore, I took the Google Analytics courses, I learnt how to use the Google Analytics and looking forward to having a real life project on it. In conclusion, I would recommend the Hash Analytics Global Internship to someone else because I have undergone the training and I find it a very good way to start a career in Data Analysis for beginners and a way to engage and refresh the mind of those that already have an idea..
Data Analyst Intern
Hash Analytic Global Internship has been a great experience for me in terms of Skill enhancement ,the internship has developed my skills in the aspect of Data Scraping, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization( with the aid of python libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn ), Detailed Analysis of Data (using libraries in python such as Numpy ,pandas),Machine learning , Efficient use of Tableau for Data Analysis, Efficient use of Google analytics as a data collection tool ,Data processing tool, Data configuration tool, Marketing tool and analysis tool. I will recommend this internship to friend because it is real world oriented and Goal specific.
Moyosore Ayoola
Data Analyst
The past month has been an amazing experience towards becoming a certified data scientist. I must mention it hasn’t been a smooth ride trying to meet up deadline for projects and assignments. All this and more made it much more interesting. A lot has been covered. To mention a few Understanding the python programming language, Numpy, Pandas, data-frame. Machine learning, Analysis using Tableau, Google analytics. I’ll recommend Hash Analytic to anyone looking to spread coast into data science.
Vikranth Inti
Operations Research Masters' Student, B.Tech in Information Technology, Junior Assistant.
I am grateful to Hash Analytic for this opportunity. I have developed my Data Analysis skills and my knowledge of Machine Learning Models and their applications. I have also developed my Data Visualization skills, the use of python matplotlib and seaborn libraries, Tableau and Google Analytics. Also, I did a lot of personal research on Business Intelligence because it's important for a Data Analyst / Scientist. I will recommend this internship because of the way it's structured. Solve problems as you learn. A friend whom I recommended the internship too, told me he was accepted and he's starting January.
Tomiwa Obanla
Data Analysis Enthusiast
My experience at Hash Analytic is the best I've had. I was taught all the basics I need. I was also provided with the best toolkit that contain all the courses needed to successfully work as a data analyst. I have learnt how to use Tableau, different method of creating a model, numpy, pandas etc. Thank you very much for the create experience
Aliyu jimoh