Task 5

Fraudulent Activities

Watch out. Use your professional scepticism.

Here is the background information on your task

Breaking news! While working on the audit, you just received an anonymous email from a whistle-blower at the hotel:

Here’s where professional scepticism is absolutely essential. It is impossible to overstate the importance of professional scepticism in auditing. Find out more in the resources.

Here is your task

What measures do you need to take as an auditor and what is  to be done next? Kevin needs to report this to our Partner, to take the next steps, he is counting on you.

Therefore, answer the multiple-choice quiz to help your team to deal with this fraudulent activities. 

This experience is self-paced. However, Kevin needs to address this quickly to our Partner in 1 hour. We recommend you spend no more than that completing this task.

Resources to help you with the task

Resources for the task
Use the linked PDF’s for helpful guidance on completing your task.

By the way: At PwC we enter all data from the client’s financial accounting system in a proprietary analysis tool to identify any irregularities. Check out in this video to see how we approach this in practice.