Internship Schedules and Calender.

Your Activity throughout the INTERNSHIP are listed below for your convenience. Refer to the intern study kit folders which is recommended in the assignment.
The Schedule for Global Internship:
Note#1: Assignment Statement will be emailed ONE day prior to the deadline date.
Note#2: Promotional Assignment is mandatory for all interns and is a permanent requirement for certification. This assignment is to ensure compliance with the United Nations SDG Certification standards. 
Note#3: It is necessary to adhere to the complete deadlines as mentioned. If the submission deadlines are missed, you will be disqualified from the Internship. However, you can avail an extension in prior to submitting late by send a mail stating the reason to

Note#4: Give yourself enough time to learn. Assignments and Project are completely concept oriented. 

18-January to 22-November

Installation of Python and Pycharm/Anaconda (course 1/2 of Intern Kit). Learning Numpy and Pandas data science libraries. Experiencing it practically on your system.

Download and Install Tableau public using this link

Assignment #1 is provided.

Promotional Assignment is provided.
(Completion Mandatory for Certification -United Nations SDG Compliance)

25 – January
local time)
Submission Deadline
26-Jaunary to  1-February

Learning all Sections in

2 -February
Assignment #2 is provided.
3 -February
(11:59pm local time)
Submission Deadline
4-February to  9-February

Learn course

Assignment#3 is provided.
(11:59 pm local time)
Submission Deadline.


Assignment#4 is provided.


(11:59 pm local time)

Submission Deadline.



Internship Project Statement is provided. The project has one compulsory submission (Proof-of-Concept is compulsory) and one optional submission (Project Report is optional).

14-February 16-February

Study the Problem statement. Try to work out how you can solve the problem. Consider more logical approaches and creative solution techniques.

(11:59 pm )

Submission Deadline.

(11:59 pm)

Promotional Assignment 
Clearance Deadline. Mandatory for United Nations SDG Certificate Compliance.

(11:59 pm)

Project Report Submission (Optional)

Send certification of Google Analytic Beginner and Advance.

Await for Phase 2

NOTE: Deadline should not be missed at this point.
Certification and Recommendation will be given to all stage 1 Interns 15 Days after 19-February.
Phase 2 Calendar.
21-February to 1 -March and study Data frame section, Advance visualization and Homework section.


Promotional Assignment is provided.
(Completion Mandatory for Certification -United Nations SDG Compliance)

5 -March
local time)
Project #1
Submission Deadline
6-March to  13-March

Learning all Sections in

Enroll using Coupon code sent on 20/12/2019

14 -March
Project #2 is provided.
21 -March
(11:59pm local time)
Submission Deadline
22-March to  29-March

Learn Course

Study the Maps section, Manipulating Data, Calculated field, Data connection, Dashboard section.

Study Table calculation, Advance dashboard and Storytelling section, Advance Data preparation section, Time series, Aggregation and filters section.

Project#3 is provided.
(11:59 pm local time)
Submission Deadline.

10-April to 12-April

Video conference Idea Evaluation of Project#3 with Professionals and Fellow Interns

Project #4 is provided.

Collaborate with other Intern Assigned to you. Team Effort Required.

Supervision by professionals Available if Requested.


(11:59 pm local time)

Submission Deadline.

18 -April 21-April

Interview Sections with Boards


Confirm your position with Hash Analytic


CERTIFICATION for stage two Interns.



Precautions for Assignments:
1. Kindly start your assignment today and follow the schedules. Note that you can start learning from the intern study kit (Udemy lectures) as soon as you received your access link.
2. You must deliver your assignments and Projects in the proper format requested at the end of every scheduled timeline day.
3. Optional Assignments are deliberately marked in the schedule and are not mandatory. Optional Assignments are tools used to measure only your performance. Failure to submit optional assignments doesn’t affect your Internship Certification. To Know your Optional Assignment, refer to the schedule.
4. Not delivering the non-optional assignments can lead to disqualification. Extension in deadline can be availed by send a mail to
5. Efficient Time Management during the study is necessarily important for successful completion of the internship. No Excuses will be encouraged in Timeline Schedules.
6. Important: Plagiarism in the assignments (Copy-Pasting the articles available on the web wholly/Partly)will lead to Disqualification and termination at the end of Internship.
Precautions for Project:
1. The Project Problem Statement is provided as per the date mentioned in the schedule.
2. The Proof of Concept – (Working Principle of the solution you had proposed) should be submitted on the specified deadline.
3. The Complete Project Report is optional and only the candidates who are interested can work to submit a complete project report. The Project report is a measure of your performance.
4. No Questions regarding the project problem is encouraged. All necessary details will be provided in the project statement. If you couldn’t find any data you desire, kindly assume the data needed and proceed. Use your creativity and knowledge across different sectors to complete the project.
5. Project Report doesn’t affect your certification. However, the project proof-of-concept is a determining factor for your certification.

Upcoming Activity: Check the Schedule Provided.

Warm Regards,
John Appist
Internship Manager | Hash Analytic