Welcome to Hash Analytic Global Data Analytics Internship.


Your Remote Internship at Hash Analytic begins on Wednesday 18/11/2020. Look into the flow pattern of the Internship. You are expected to learn the subject with high-quality understanding in-order to complete this internship successfully.

    This is a remote internship. This means you will do your assigned work, long-distance, as per your own convenience. You will interact with your mentor by means of email and/or other digital media.

This internship is divided into two phase. The first Phase is for all intern to prove themselves as high performing and critical reasoning/problem solving professional. Interns with high performance rate are move to the next phase which is for 2-3months of collaborating with professionals while working on complex Data analytics project.

    If you successfully complete this internship, you will receive a Global Internship Certificate and recommendation letter for future prospects from Hash Analytic Organization which will help you boost career opportunities.

    All Interns will receive LinkedIn Recommendation and Endorsement from Hash Analytic. This helps to ensure the authenticity to potential recruiters on LinkedIn.

Assignments: (Should be submitted on time):

    You will also be doing 4 assignments during the first phase of this internship which will be shared in a timely manner during this internship.

    Failure to submit the Assignment may lead to disqualification from Internship.

    No Plagiarism in the Assignment. If Plagiarism is detected, you will get disqualified from Internship.

    Late submissions of assignments are not encouraged. However, in critical situations, you can extend the deadline of assignment (by one day) by sending a mail to John@HashAnalytic.com


You will also be doing one project during this internship. The Project Problem Statement will be shared in due course of time. There are 2 submissions related to the project.

  1. Proof-of-Concept of the project (Necessary for certification)
  1. Project Report Submission (Optional)

Proof-of-Concept: It is the approach to the project and it must be submitted within the deadline that will be specified soon. The Format for the Proof-of-Concept will be informed in due course of time.

Failure to submit the project will NOT lead to disqualification from Internship. However, Failure to submit the Proof-of-Concept can lead to disqualification.

Plagiarism (copy-pasting from online resources) is not permitted in the Project-Work. If Plagiarism is detected, you will get disqualified from the Internship.

Final Steps:

    If you successfully complete this internship, you will receive a Global Internship Certificate from Hash Analytic Organization.

    In the case of any future internship / Job application, you can claim a recommendation letter from Hash Analytic upon finishing the complete information and purpose.

Note: Only Interns that paid for the study kit will be allowed to participate in this Internship.

Excited to see you onboard and more excited to work with you in near future on a fruitful Internship.

Warm Regards,

Hash Analytic Global Team

Data Science and Analytics Division

Interns reviews

Hash Analytic Global Internship has been so enlightening, and the lectures taken during the phase one of the internship I would say are topnotch. Firstly, I learnt how to use numpy, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib library very well. I also learnt how to use Tableau, and I most say I find Tableau very interesting and the course lecturer have a way of making Tableau interesting and easy to use. Secondly, the assignments and project was a way of exposing me to real life problems. The deadlines kept me on my toes and I must say the assignments and project was engaging. Furthermore, I took the Google Analytics courses, I learnt how to use the Google Analytics and looking forward to having a real life project on it. In conclusion, I would recommend the Hash Analytics Global Internship to someone else because I have undergone the training and I find it a very good way to start a career in Data Analysis for beginners and a way to engage and refresh the mind of those that already have an idea..
Data Analyst Intern
I am grateful to Hash Analytic for this opportunity. I have developed my Data Analysis skills and my knowledge of Machine Learning Models and their applications. I have also developed my Data Visualization skills, the use of python matplotlib and seaborn libraries, Tableau and Google Analytics. Also, I did a lot of personal research on Business Intelligence because it's important for a Data Analyst / Scientist. I will recommend this internship because of the way it's structured. Solve problems as you learn. A friend whom I recommended the internship too, told me he was accepted and he's starting January.
Tomiwa Obanla
Data Analysis Enthusiast
Enrolling for Hash Analytic Global internship program is one of the best thing that has happened to me this year. The Global Internship program has improved my Data Analytics skill by 100 folds. During the course of the training, I learned how to analyze and visualize data, perform predictive analysis(Machine Learning) on data using Python, tell story with data, take better business decision from a given data and So on. Also, I learned how to use Tableau. Tableau is such an incredible data visualization and business intelligence tool. Interning at Hash Analytic has really speed up my learning rate and I can't wait to get started with the Phase 2 part of the program. Finally, I would recommend that being an intern at Hash Analytic won't just enormously add to one skill sets and portfolio but will also improve one ability to manage time and beat deadlines It's been a fantastic journey so far.
Data Analyst Intern